Austin Blues Party is a yearly weekend dedicated to learning and dancing. With 4 nights of dances, 2 full days of classes dedicated to teaching students to dance, and all of Austin to explore it's a TEXAS sized party! This year we're bringing back some of our favorite musicians as well as some other local superstars that'll be making their ABP debut. Learn more at

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Austin Blues Party
Austin, Austin, Texas 78745, United States
The Blues Association of Austin is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting Blues Dancing through dances, workshops, and classes in the Austin area. We were initially founded in 2007 to manage Austin Blues Party, an annual blues workshop weekend. Since then our mission has driven us to create an impassioned community of dancers that honors the history and culture behind Blues dancing and supports Austin's local musicians. Through multiple monthly educational opportunities and an invigorated drive to support and partner with local musicians our mission is as alive as ever.